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Show off your heroine demeanor and be a happy person in Uniworks

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-20      Origin: Site

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Show off your heroine demeanor and be a happy person in Uniworks

To celebrate the 112th International Women's Day in March, when the grass grows and the warblers fly, on the afternoon of March 8, Nanjing U-O Electronics Co., Ltd. carried out the fun activity 'Happy Work, U-O with Me' for 194 female employees.


Heroine ~ Rope Skipping Competition

With the start of the activity, each group of people actively entered the preparations. When the whistle was heard, the skipping ropes jumped under the players' feet like elves. Over time, each hero has gained his own achievements.


Unite as one ~ tug of war

The heroines on the field fought hard without showing any weakness; those off the field were even more excited, shouting and waving.

The entire competition venue became a sea of joy, and everyone was fully enjoying the excitement and happiness brought by the competition.Although the competition lasted only a few tens of seconds, everyone at this moment is like one body, thinking in one place, and exerting energy in one place.There are winners and losers in the game, and the winning team cheers and even hugs together.The failed teams were not discouraged, and everyone encouraged each other, showing both the level and the style of the game.Fully embodies the spirit of unity, friendship, tenacious struggle, although sweating profusely, but the mood is very happy


The one-hour event not only allowed the women to relax physically and mentally, but also enriched the extracurricular life of the employees. They faced future work and life with a new mental outlook and full enthusiasm for work.

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