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Nanjing Uniworks Electronics-Enshi Tourism

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-03      Origin: Site

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Nanjing Uniworks Electronics-Enshi Tourism

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, cultivate their sentiments, relieve work pressure, let everyone enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature after work, and enhance the friendship and team cohesion among colleagues, we organized a four-day event from June 12 to June On the 15th, I traveled to Enshi, Hubei.

We sat in the car, looking at the pleasant scenery outside the window, feeling very happy.Seeing the green mountains and beautiful waters, the clear water and the blue sky, the whole person's mood is relaxed, and experiencing the infinite scenery of nature also allows us to let go of the pressure of work and relax our tired body and mind.  

The family members of the staff and 67 people set off collectively to Enshi, Hubei, thousands of miles away. On the way, there were various fears, fears, and fears. Because it was a large group of people, there were colleagues left behind or injured on the way, so the trip was divided into 4 teams. The captain is responsible for the safety of his team members all the way, and the general manager and administrative manager are the general commanders.We work together to have a pleasant, memorable and wonderful journey.No one was left behind or had an accident during the process.  

Through this tourism activity, we have cultivated a strong will, good habits and the quality of solidarity and mutual assistance.At the same time, we have further enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, carried forward the spirit of enterprise, enriched the corporate culture, and enhanced the soft power of the company.Let all staff understand that in future work or life, unity and cooperation will be a necessary factor for our progress or success.  

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