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Company 20th Anniversary Celebration

Views: 28     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-13      Origin: Site

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Company 20th Anniversary Celebration

Change the stars and moves, the years are in a hurry, and the 20th birthday of Uniworks; follow the future to climb the peak. Create a good tomorrow!

The company's achievements originated from everyone's efforts and hard work. You have you all the way, work together, and create glory. Let us look forward to 20 years together!

Thank you for your alongs, look forward to the future!


Customer v-zug speech


Customer v-zug speech


Supplier TE speech


5 -year contribution award with general manager took a photo


10 years of contribution award employees and general manager to take pictures


The 15 -year contribution award employee and the general manager took a group photo


20 years of contributions to employees and general manager photos


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